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The Space-Saving, Foldable Staircase

Redefining Usage of Space
Space-saving stairs in white HPL coating, hinged to the wall to save extra space in the room


More space with just one movement, thanks to swiveling steps


Sophisticated design and individualization through different surface finishes

Safety & Reliability

High quality and first-class workmanship made in Germany

Modular system

Flexibility through selection of the individually required slope

A person sits in a hammock watching an installation video to learn how to assemble a modular wooden staircase by themselves.

Self-assembly at home using step-by-step instructions.

Klapster – Do it Yourself.

Klapster is designed in a modular system. This allows not only flexibility in choosing a tailor-made staircase, but also uncomplicated assembly.

A technical drawing of Klapster Comfort folded in three different folding conditions.

Would you like the space-saving folding staircase for your home?

Using our Configurator, you can customize your own folding staircase in just a few steps.

For comfortable access to the attic, without compromise


The ideal solution for apartments with high ceilings


For more space for creative and practical use

Gallery Bed

For maximum living space on minimum space

Tiny House

Klapster Stories
Every installation situation is different. With our three Klapster models, we offer the right solution for every wish and every installation requirement.

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