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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I check whether Klapster can be installed in my house?

The installation of our folding stairs depends on several factors:

  • Mounting surface: The mounting surface on your wall must be sufficiently long. How long exactly depends on your floor height, the slope of the stairs and the Klapster model. The narrowest Klapster model (Ultralight) can be installed, for example, with a floor height of 265cm starting at 112cm mounting surface (run length).

  • Ceiling opening: When folded up, the steps and outer stringers of the staircase rest against the wall on a flat surface. Therefore, the folding stairs need sufficient space upwards. We recommend extending the ceiling opening up to the wall so that Klapster can be mounted directly on the wall. If it is not possible to extend the ceiling opening and a distance between wall and ceiling opening has to be bridged, the stairs cannot be screwed directly to the wall. For distances of up to 9cm we can offer you spacers. For larger distances, an assisting stringer made out of wood, brick or plasterboard, for example, must be installed. For assistance with installation, please consult your local carpenter.

  • Counter bearing / bearing surface of the outer stringer: The exiting tread of the folding staircase (movable stringboard on top) always requires a counter bearing on which the outer stringer can rest. Usually this is the ceiling, the front side of a mezzanine or the beams construction of a loft bed. The bearing surface (e.g. ceiling thickness) must be at least 10cm.

  • Wall structure: Klapster can be mounted on a wide variety of walls (brick, concrete walls, drywall, etc.). Primarily the weight of the stairs is transferred via the stringboard structure. Intermediate or dry walls are therefore also suitable for installation. For drywall walls, it is essential to use wooden supports and not metal profiles. It is essential that you mark the position of the supporting structure so that you can later screw the staircase to the underlying structure.

  • Sloping ceilings: All Klapster models require 100cm of space upwards from the last step when folding. If you have sloping roofs that begin shortly after the ceiling, check whether the Klapster can be folded up as follows: Floor height (floor to floor) minus 1x slope of the stairs + 100cm. If you want to install handrail modules for the outer stringer for Klapster Comfort, the height of the stringer is increased by the height of the handrail (42cm). Details can be found in the data sheet "Handrail" in the download area.​

  • Ceiling thickness: In case of thin ceilings and/or non-load-bearing masonry, we additionally recommend the installation of a ceiling angle at the height of the inner stair stringer in order to ensure stability and the necessary load transfer via the stair stringer. For the Ultralight/Slim models, an angle may be necessary for ceiling thicknesses less than 30cm and for the Comfort less than 25cm. We offer our multiplex ceiling angles with Ahron veneer or white HPL coating.

Q2: How much does Klapster cost?​

Klapster varies in price depending on the chosen model, your floor height, the number of steps, the surface coating and accessories. A general statement is therefore not possible. Example: The gross prices excl. shipping start at:


Q3: How do the Klapster variants differ?

The Comfort variant offers the user easy folding and unfolding thanks to the unique spring-loaded torsion bars. Thanks to the step depth of 18.5 cm, the stairs can be used very comfortably. Klapster Comfort has  our other two models have the highest load capacity. The Slim and Ultralight variants do not offer this support, but have lower requirements for the required mounting surface due to the lower step depth (13cm or 10cm). This allows using these two variants  particularly narrow installation situations can also be implemented. You can find more information in the download area at  "Data Sheets".

Q4: Can I preview Klapster before buying?

Yes! We offer the opportunity several times a month  us in the workshop in Frankfurt am Main  to visit. All Klapster variants are installed there and you can get an idea of our unique folding stairs. IMPORTANT: Please register without obligation for one of the dates offered: Viewing appointments ​​

Q5: Can you unfold the stairs from the top?

If necessary, Klapster can also be unfolded from the upper floor.  ​

Q6: What makes Klapster different from other stairs?

Klapster is an auxiliary staircase for space-saving living. Thanks to the folding mechanism, Klapster fits in particularly well in places in the living room where little space needs to be used cleverly and optimally. Our folding staircase cleverly combines functionality with excellent design.

Q7: Will Klapster be installed for me?

Klapster was designed as a modular system. The assembly as well as the later wall installation takes place  with detailed assembly instructions and an assembly video. The installation  can therefore be mastered by every hobby craftsman. Alternatively, we would also be happy to send you an offer from our assembly partner in Frankfurt, or you can contact your local one  carpenter for assembly.

Q8: How long does it take to set up or assemble?

The construction time depends on the Klapster variant. Klapster Comfort is delivered pre-assembled as a stringer-step-stringer element. With Slim and Ultralight variants, the components are installed during assembly.  ​

  • Assembly time including wall mounting - Klapster Comfort approx. 2-3 hours*

  • Assembly time including wall mounting - Klapster Slim/Ultralight approx. 4-6  Hours*  


*depending on previous manual experience


Q9: What finishes do we offer?

We offer our staircase variants in the following surfaces:

  • Birch veneer untreated

  • Birch veneer oiled

  • HPL coating white ​

Q10: How difficult/easy is it to fold or unfold the stairs? Can my child do this?

The required effort depends on the Klapster variant. In the case of children, one can assume that they are strong and big enough in their teens to be able to use all variants without restriction. The folding in and out movement corresponds more to a sliding than a lifting movement. 

​ The Slim version requires the greatest effort, Ultralight and Comfort are about as "easy" to fold.


Q11: Where can I order Klapster? How do I get an offer?

You can order the stairs through our website. Each staircase must be precisely tailored to your installation situation. In order to be able to create an individual offer for you, we need the fully completed inquiry form with your installation data: Configurator

To assess your building project and create an offer  to be able to, we need the requested dimensions as well as pictures, plans  or sketches of  installation situation.

Q12: How do I check if the offered  number of stages  to my  Storey height fits?

The total height of the stair (offered rise multiplied by the  number of steps) is usually one slope lower,  than the floor height required and specified by you. The final incline is the last step onto the floor of the upper floor. If desired, we can also offer you special solutions in which an additional stage is installed. ​​

Q13: Can I get discount?

We do not grant discounts. For larger purchase quantities, you are welcome to contact us. Graduated prices and trade discounts are possible.

Klapster cannot be compared to conventional hardware store stairs. We, the raumvonwert team, have the highest quality and design standards for our products and services.  We produce  exclusively  in Germany.

  Q14: Can you draw the stairs into my planning documents?

We assess your installation situation based on the dimensions, pictures and plans you have submitted. Please note: We take no responsibility for installation recommendations. For binding advice and support with installation, please contact your local carpenter or architect.

  Q15: Where can you ship to?

We ship the stairs within Germany and within the European Union without any problems by parcel post. Expensive forwarding costs are therefore not incurred.  Shipping to countries that are not part of the European Union is possible, but must be checked individually. We currently do not ship to the USA.  ​

Q16: What delivery time should I expect?

Our delivery times are 4-8 weeks, depending on the order situation. You can find your individual delivery time in your order confirmation. Your order will be processed as quickly as possible. If the delivery date is postponed, you will of course  informed.  ​

Q17:  return

Check the components for damage or defects before installation. Please note that once the stairs have been assembled, we cannot take them back unless there is a technical defect.  ​

Q18:  What do I do if components are missing or the shipment was damaged?

Check the delivery for completeness using the assembly instructions and your invoice. Document any damage to the package or components and contact us immediately.  ​​

Q19:  Is clapster for outdoor use  suitable?

No! Unfortunately, Klapster is not suitable for the weather conditions outside the apartment. However, our panels are glued according to BFU 100 and all other components are made of brass, spring steel or stainless steel.

Q20:  How do I maintain the stairs?

The care of your stairs depends on their individual surface coating. You can find detailed care instructions in the assembly instructions. For additional protection of the steps, you can purchase self-adhesive anti-slip foils cut to size from us.


Q21:  Who is Klapster?

Klapster is a brand of raumvonwert GmbH

Q22:  Has the product been tested? How long do the springs ( Comfort ) last?

Our stairs have been tested for stability both internally and externally. The springs and our torsion bars are designed in such a way that they withstand far more movement cycles than required in the endurance test. The spring force remains almost unchanged even under heavy loads.  ​

Q23:  Are  there warranty on the stairs?

The statutory warranty provisions apply. ​​

Q24: How is the order processed?

After you have accepted the offer, you will receive an order confirmation stating your delivery date and your invoice. Before we send the stairs to you, the invoice amount must have been credited to our account. Payment is made by bank transfer.

Q25:  I have unanswered questions, can I contact you?

With pleasure! Our team is at your disposal for further questions. Contact us via the email address or call us on 069-153 2011 80.

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