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About Klapster

Rising rents and a lack of space in cities have called for practical solutions for new living spaces in recent years: living in the smallest of spaces. The only solution is to get creative and make better use of the limited space available. The result is smart solutions that serve a function, but at the same time free up living space when it is needed, for example by folding, rotating or tilting. With Klapster we want to be part of the micro-living approach: The smart staircase is the optimal solution to use space efficiently and create maximum living space.

One person effortlessly folds a folding space-saving staircase against the wall.

About our company

Behind Klapster stands raumvonwert, a product design company from Frankfurt am Main.
We don't just do any product design, we develop innovative solutions out of wood!

Clean lines, high-quality materials and first-class workmanship are what set us apart. Our designs all convince through an unmistakable combination of functionality, design and exclusivity.

Our team consists of specialists in design and construction, CNC machining and marketing. We design and develop products and brands.

In 2020, raumvonwert was awarded the Frankfurt Gründerpeis."

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