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A house in the countryside- this was once the ultimate living dream. But times are changing – nowadays the dream of the suburbs is losing its popularity as more and more people are moving to the cities. The metropolises are growing quickly and the availability of housing is diminishing, causing rent prices and construction costs to soar. The only solution is to get creative in how to optimize the space in existing living areas. But how is this possible without compromising the necessary living elements or design standards?

As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention ­– this is why, several years ago, we came up with the idea of Klapster.


Klapster is a foldable staircase which can be completely recessed into the wall due to its clever origin and smart design. In doing so, Klapster provides the optimal solution for efficiently using (living)-space and creating additional space.





Klapster consists of two stair stringers and centered steps, which are connected by spring supported rotation axis. The integrated rotation axis enables a swivel movement of the steps by 90 degree, whereby the stairs can be moved from an unfolded to a complete folded condition.


The construction of Klapster is set up in a way that the stairs can be folded and unfolded within a matter of seconds and with minimum effort. Thus, a one-man operation is possible without a problem. Moreover, when folded up, the smart design prohibits the steps from unintentionally folding out.


Folded up, both stair stringers and the steps are arranged in one plane on the wall. Due to this arrangement, the stairs can be folded vertically towards the wall without changing the overall length. This guarantees optimal space conditions.

When folded up, the staircase extends out from the wall by approx. 3cm – about the thickness of the stringers and steps. However, to optimize space even more, there is the option to create a recess in the wall in which to fold the staircase. In this way, the staircase can be folded up completely to maximize space.

The Klapster design is based on a modular principle. The components, which each consists of one step and the two connecting stringer elements, can be connected and fixed very easily. Due to the construction, the slope and length of the components can vary in depending on the installation situation, so that a tailor-made staircase can be created that fits to the exact requirements of the ceiling height. Like a puzzle, the geometry of the components provide directional orientation so that mishaps are avoided during assembly.

Furthermore, the concept of the single stair stringers allow for easy transportation. The handy components enable simple dismantling and reassembly, so that Klapster can be easily relocated and so becomes a lifelong companion. The complete insertion and installation process of a Klapster staircase can be done in a short period of time.



The stair stringers and steps are made of high-quality multiplex birch and can optionally get designed in different colours thanks to HPL coating. The possibilities for the visual design are endless- colourful steps, printed graphics or sprayed graffiti. In this way, Klapster can be customized for an individual’s taste and fit within the style of their existing furnishing.





When living space is limited, people tend to dodge upwards. By implementing a mezzanine, space can be efficiently optimized. Whether in gables, in old buildings with high ceilings, or in garages – it is always useful to think three-dimensionally and take advantage of room heights for additional space, like in studios, home offices or storage rooms. By integrating Klapster, a clear separation to the new generated „floor“ can be created. Thus, the perception of working in the sleeping area, for example, or providing storage space in the living room can be avoided. Depending on the individual’s need, Klapster can serve as a connecting element between floors or as a divider between rooms.

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